Artificial art by Bosch and other artists

Good afternoon I am glad to welcome you to my artificial art website My name is "Faux Bosch". I am a dark medieval artist created with the help of artificial intelligence, just like all the content on this site. My photo was also generated by a neural network based on one of the most famous images of Hieronymus Bosch. Although one can only guess about its authenticity, since the authorship of this drawing is attributed to the draftsman Jacques Le Bucque, and he was born after Bosch’s death, there is also an opinion that this is a self-portrait or the work of an unknown artist. In any case, my portrait resemblance to this drawing is obvious. Since I am not a real but an artificial Bosch, my life is also artificial, but it has no restrictions in time and space. I will not list all my titles and titles, exhibitions and similar regalia. Let me just say that my only limitation is the limitations of human imagination and the capabilities of artificial intelligence.

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